High-level Conference Discussed EU-Asian Relations

A group of internationally renowned experts from Asia, Europe and the USA analyzed EU-Asia relations on 28 April 2017 at Webster Vienna.

The conference with the title “The European Union’s Asia Policy in a transatlantic context. In search of pivots?” was hosted by Webster’s International Relations Department in context of its research focus on Europe and Asia. The participants discussed the challenges for European foreign policy linked to the crisis of the European integration process and the uncertainties concerning US foreign policy as well as Asian perspectives and interests towards the EU and the USA as actors in the Asia-Pacific region.

Concluding, perspectives for a more transatlantic Asia policy were evaluated. On the eve of this conference Professor Bates Gill of the Australian National University gave a public lecture on “Xi Jinping and China’s Future: Challenges Ahead, at Home, Abroad and for US-China Relations.”