Classroom Safety

If for pedagogical reasons you would like to incorporate a class activity or exercise that could possibly present emotional and/or physical harm to your students, please consult with your Department Head prior to planning. 

Some examples of such activities/exercise include: 

  • Bringing an animal into the classroom (students may have allergies or a phobia).
  • Showing potentially problematic pictures or videos (students may be emotionally disturbed by the content).
  • Asking students to participate in a class activity that might be uncomfortable for them (students may have emotional or physical limitations to participate).

If your proposed activity/exercise is approved from your Department Head then your students will be asked to sign a Waiver before the class. If the student expresses legitimate discomfort with the content or their health prevents them from participating in the activity/exercise then they can be excused from that particular class session but will be required to complete a make-up assignment. If the activity/exercise presents any safety risk (if the activity/exercise presents any safety risk please inform Head of Facility Management) please inform Head of Facility Management ( well in advance.