New Student Orientation

New Students' Info Session is a consultation meeting for all new students who begin their studies at Webster Vienna in Spring II 2019.

You will:

  • get to know how the university works;
  • find out what is expected of you;
  • meet your fellow new students as well as our faculty and staff;
  • learn how to plan your degree for success at our Faculty advising; and
  • have the opportunity to register for social events to start you off on the right foot!

This meeting is a fun and essential part of student success at Webster Vienna, which is why it is mandatory for all new students to attend. You will be surrounded with a great group of people from a lot of different countries! By the end of this week, you will have a great understanding of the University, meet lots of new people, form new friendships and be ready to start your studies with us.  

Students are cordially invited to attend "New Students' Info Session", on March 18th, 2019, starting at 10:00 hrs; at Webster Vienna Campus.

Request your Student ID by filling out the survey linked below!

A student ID is required when checking out books from the library, accessing the computer lab, signing up for a certificate of enrolment, and entering certain parts of the campus (see our campus access policy). Students may also need informal proof that they’re a student in Vienna to qualify for student discounts or for the student metro ticket. Preparation of the cards will begin after registration has ended. Be aware that ID cards expire every semester. The expiration date can be extended at the reception desk at the beginning of each semester.

Please use this link to request your Student ID card.

In order to submit a valid request for Student ID Card you must upload a photo that matches the guidelines below. 

Label it: Last name + Student ID#

  • Size: min. 400 kb - max. 1,2 MB
  • Possible formats: jpg 
  • Pictures must not be older than 1 year.
  • Direct look towards the camera please, smiling is allowed!
  • Your hair must be kept out of the face and the background should be one color, with no pattern and color should be white or gray.
  • No darkened lenses or reflections in glasses are allowed.
  • The photo should not be too dark, it should have appropriate contrast and your head and upper body should be centered.
  • LIKE A PASSPORT OR ID PHOTO! (not a selfie, this is an official student ID card)

Failure to upload a valid photo will result in dismissal of your application and you will not receive a valid ID card upon arrival to Campus.

For more information please contact:

Ms. Clara-Marie Köck, Student Resource Officer or 

Most important - have fun and see you soon!!!