Nadja Jokanovic

Co-Founder & CMO, Wannabe Magazine

In 2010, Nadja Jokanovic co-founded Wannabe Magazine, which quickly became the most popular online magazine about fashion and lifestyle in the Western Balkans.
After this initial success, she expanded the brand together with her business partner - thus, Wannabe Stars (about celebrity and lifestyle) and Wannabe Bride (focusing on weddings) were born. In addition to daily articles and blogs, the Wannabe platform offers interactive social elements, which allow users to generate and personalize content. In 2013, Nadja also became the co-owner of the brand’s fashion line for young women, Wannabe Collection, as well as the first web lifestyle magazine for men in Serbia, Wannabe Man.

After originally graduating with an MSc in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Belgrade, Nadja spent four years in the pharmaceutical industry, but then switched to entrepreneurship. She specializes in marketing and business strategies, online advertising, social media marketing, team leadership and business development, and holds an MBA from Cotrugli Business School, Belgrade.

Nadja is also among the founders of MBA Holding llc, a Slovenian start-up company which focuses on building an international network for MBA students, business professionals, corporate and community leaders.