Mid-Term and Final Exams/ Exam Cover Sheet/ Returning Graded Work

Mid-Term and Final Exams and Returning Graded Work
All classes must meet for the full instructional time scheduled. An undergraduate mid-term or final exam may be held during a portion of the last class session whereas graduate mid-term and final exams are scheduled in 2 hour block sessions outside of regularly scheduled meeting times (see exam schedules on Graduate Timetables ). Please use the standard Exam Cover Sheet for all both mid-term and final exams and adhere to the Proctoring Guidelines.

Students have the right to review the results of all graded assignments, including their final exams, and given the opportunity to discuss the results with the instructor. The instructor must inform students about exam grade independent of the final grade, which is to be submitted via Connections. Faculty members can return the exams to the students, or leave them in the Academic Coordinators’ Office for viewing. Final exams may be returned to students to keep. Instructors are NOT allowed to recycle  any exams over the periof of four years.  Alternatively, instructors can request that the exams are to be reviewed only and to be destroyed after one year.