Marlon Jünemann

Managing and Founding Partner
ILIA Corporation
BA' 08 Business Administration

"It has been several years since I attended Webster University Vienna, but I still like to think back to that special time and the many wonderful experiences with a smile on my face. I met my business partner S. Hossein Nabavi at Webster in 2005 and we have been best friends (as well as business partners later on) ever since. Webster University Vienna believed in us by acting as a business incubator and gave us the opportunity to walk our first entrepreneurial steps. The network that was at our disposal through Webster was vast – our first major project with General Motors Aspern was acquired with the kind support of the University, and gave us the chance to prove ourselves, as well as it ignited the confidence necessary to relentlessly pursue our vision. The exposure to the multicultural student body (as peers as well as co-workers in our company) enhanced our global thinking mindset, and the frequent interactions with our professors provided us with expert knowledge. We see ourselves as global citizens, and have deeply embedded that paradigm in our company culture. Still today our company values are rooted in the fundamentals that were partly acquired at Webster University, and we are very thankful for that! Vision, confidence, hard work, perseverance, patience, and cultural understanding did the rest – turning the University start-up into an international management consulting boutique firm that advises international clients on their market entry strategy for the Middle East and China."