Make-Up Exams / Proctoring Service

Make-up Exam Policy

Students are responsible for taking any number of examinations for which they are scheduled on a given day.

A student absent from any examination through sickness or other cause, judged by the instructor and the Academic Office to be unavoidable, shall be given an opportunity to take a rescheduled examination or perform work judged by the instructor to be the equivalent.

If the instructor determines that neither alternative is feasible during the current term, the instructor may exempt the student from the requirement. Examples of unavoidable cause include death or serious illness in the immediate family, illness of the student, and, provided previous notification is given, observance of regularly scheduled religious obligations, and might possibly include attendance at academic conferences or field trips, or participation in the University sponsored activities such as debating contests or athletic competition.

If a student repeatedly requests make-up exams during his study time at WVPU (undergraduate and graduate studies are observed separately), Head of the Academic Office will discuss the case with the relevant instructor(s) and come to a decision whether or not the requested make-up exam(s) can be granted.

In any case, the documentation (hard copy, in English or German language) of the reason for missing an exam must be submitted to the Academic Coordinators’ Office before proceeding with filling out an official Make-up Exam Request Form. If a student is granted a make-up exam opportunity, instructors must fill out a Make-up Exam Authorization Form specifying the student’s name, reason for missing the regularly scheduled exam and include a hard copy of the documentation.

Under no circumstances may a make-up exam be given before the scheduled exam. Official make-up exam sessions are scheduled on Friday, Week 1 and 6, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Deadlines for submitting make-up exams requests to the Academic Office are Friday noon of Week 0 for the make-up session in Week 1, and Friday noon in Week 5, for the make-up session in Week 6. These deadlines must be adhered to.

Proctoring Service

The instructor can choose to arrange a make-up exam session on another date which s/he will proctor personally or s/he can have the student sit in on a proctored session organized by the Academic Coordinators’ Office offered every Friday of week 1 and week 6 from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. each term. The agreed make-up exam date needs to be indicated on the Make-up Authorization Exam Form. Instructors who choose to use the proctoring services need to fill out a Proctoring Form which specifies whether the exam is open-book or closed-book, what additional resources (if any) the students are permitted to use in the exam, and the time limit, including overtime if any.  Please note that instructors must send a copy of the make-up exam to the Academic Coordinators at least 2 days before the make-up exam date.