Mag. Sabine Melnicki




Adjunct Faculty in German Language






German: Elementary German: Level I




Mag. Sabine Melnicki studied German Literature and Linguistics (with a special focus on German as a Foreign/Second Language), English and Swedish Language at the University of Vienna and University College London. Her master thesis concerned the topics of photography and language learning.

Mag. Melnicki has extensive German language training experience in Austria and abroad, including the Sommerhochschule der Universität Wien, Österreichischer Integrationsfonds (ÖIF), VHS Wien, Österreich Institut Warsaw, Dokkyo Daigaku and Waseda University in Tokyo.

Since 2013, Mag.Melnicki has been a founding member of an Argentinian-Austrian company and is now leading a small digital company offering web services in knowledge transfer. Currently studying for a second masters degree in Applied Knowledge Management/eLearning, her interests include web semantics, web usability, information architecture, urban living, street art, typography and everything related to knowledge transfer. 

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