Mag. Marion Demmer, MA, MA, BA

Viennese Law Firm
MA '05 International Relations / MA '06 Marketing

I graduated with a master degree in International Relations in 2005 and a master degree in Marketing in 2006 from Webster University. The time I spent at Webster Vienna and Cha-am (Thailand) formed a strong foundation for my career as well as personal development. The classes I took at Webster supported me in gaining insights in international political events and business oriented worlds, thus receiving a profound education and hands-on experience. I especially appreciated my international class mates and the attention the professors were able to give to us students due to the small class sizes. Most of the professors came from the “working world” and taught us real live experiences, this was indeed very enriching.
After graduation I worked several years for different international organizations including IAEA, IOM, OSCE, UNIDO and UNODC as Associate Programme Officer and Consultant in Vienna (Austria) and Darfur (Sudan). In 2008, I decided to study law beside my full-time job and this led me to my current job as Associate at a Viennese law firm.
Not only has Webster University opened the door to a worldwide network of campuses but it also laid the foundation for a career life with plenty of opportunities.