Mag. Gernot Mittendorfer, MBA

Member of the Board of Directors and CFO
Erste Group Bank AG
MBA '96

"I studied at Webster University while at the same time working in a Commercial Center of ERSTE BANK – thus was able to contribute my know how in the class room as well as use newly acquired knowledge in my day to day work. Having studied in an international environment, both faculty as well as fellow students, was a valuable experience and proved even more precious once I started to move within ERSTE BANK group where I constantly am exposed to working with colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds. After graduation I have held a variety of positions within ERSTE BANK Group. These include heading several business units of Česka spořitelna and acting as board member in charge of the corporate business in the Czech Republic. Prior to my appointment as Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Česká spořitelna in 2007 I have also served as CEO of Salzburger Sparkasse, a member of the Erste Bank Group family."