International Relations, G Course Offerings

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Spring I, 2017

January 16 - March 10 - Schedule

  • INTL 5000/17, Introduction to International RelationsR
    Dr. Burcu Pinar Alakoc 
  • INTL 5100/17, Research Methods and PerspectivesR
    Dr. Elina Brutschin 
  • INTL 5400/17, International Political EconomyIP
    Dr. Eric Frey 
  • INTL 5605/17, Topics in Comparative Politics: State in the Arts in the EU and USCP
    Dr. Monika Mokre

Spring II, 2017

March 20 - May 12 - Schedule

  • INTL 5510/18, Theories of International RelationsIP
    Dr. Samuel R. Schubert Syllabus
  • INTL 5645/18, Asian Area StudiesCP
    Dr. Franco Algieri Syllabus  
  • INTL 5860/18, Issues in International Politics: Energy SecurityIP
    Dr. Elina Brutschin Syllabus

CPComparative Politics Cluster Course
IPInternational Politics Cluster Course
GMAIRCourse for Global MA in International Relations students
 RRequired Course 
THRequirement for thesis