International Relations, G Course Offerings

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Fall I, 2017

August 21 - October 13 - Schedule

  • INTL 5000/17, Introduction to International RelationsR
    Dr. Franco Algieri Syllabus   
  • INTL 5100/17, Research Methods and PerspectivesR
    Dr. Elina Brutschin Syllabus 
  • INTL 5560/17, US Foreign PolicyIP
    Dr. Samuel R. Schubert  Syllabus
  • INTL 5050, Comparative PoliticsCP
    Dr. Marcel Fink
  • INGO 5600/17 Principles of NegotiationEL
    Dr. Ali Asghar Soltanieh Syllabus

Fall II, 2017

October 23 - December 15 - Schedule

  • INTL 5530/18, International LawIP
    Mag. Ralph Janik, LLM
  • INTL 5590/18, International SecurityIP
    Dr. Jozef Batora  
  • INTL 5635/18, Western European Area StudiesCP
    Dr. Johannes Pollak Syllabus

CPComparative Politics Cluster Course
ELElective Course
IPInternational Politics Cluster Course
GMAIRCourse for Global MA in International Relations students
 RRequired Course