Identifying Students Who Need Help / Disability Accommodations

Due to the small size of the Vienna campus and its international setting, the following procedure for making accommodations for students with disabilities has been developed, following the Academic Resource Center of St. Louis as closely as possible:

1. Students are to request accommodations through the Psychological Testing Services (PTS) office. Please contact Mag. Krista Rothschild (

2.  The student provides the required documentation (the online form and the professional’s letter) to the PTS office.
For possible psychological disorders, learning disorders or ADD/ADHD, the student has the option of a psychological assessment on campus at the Psychological Testing Services (PTS), or at a professional testing office off-campus. For all other disabilities, the form and documentation must be provided following STL’s materials online to the PTS.

3. Eligibility Evaluation
a. The documentation will be evaluated by the Psychological Testing Services (PTS).
b. A recommendation will be written by PTS and given to the Director for approval.
c. The student will be informed of the status as decided by the Director.

4.  Notification Process
a. If the student has qualified for the disability status, via the Director, and is to receive the accommodations as recommended by PTS and/or the qualifying professional, then:
i. The student is to complete the “Release of Information Form.”
ii. The advisor, faculty and Coordinator (regarding proctoring process) are then to be notified of the disability status and accommodations by PTS.

b. The disability status and accommodations are then available for classes on campus,
online and study abroad.

c. The student is lastly responsible to confer with his/her individual instructors regarding the accommodations.

5.   Effectiveness Evaluation
PTS will be available for discussions with students, faculty and the Director regarding the effectiveness and continuation of accommodations. Further information for the staff and faculty are available online, i.e.: