Hannah Urbanek, BA

Product Management & Marketing Specialist
Mitac Europe, Healthcare Division– United Kingdom.
BA '14 Management with emphasis in Marketing, Minor in Media Communications and a Certificate in Leadership

Shortly after starting my BA degree at Webster University Vienna, I was fortunate enough to not only attend classes but to also work in the Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing department for the majority of my first year. I then moved on to work with the Communications team at Siemens Austria. Not only has Webster University’s system enabled me to complete my degree and work at the same time, but it has also prepared me for the working world and has helped me grow my professional network.
Webster University Vienna has also helped me discover my strengths, weaknesses and interests which is crucial when starting off one’s career after graduation. I felt more than ready to step into the “real world” after graduation. Shortly after graduating, I accepted an offer to start working as an Account Executive with an advertising agency in Manchester, United Kingdom. After working there for 6 months, I am now the new Product Management & Marketing Specialist for Mitac Europe’s Healthcare Division, right outside of Brighton, United Kingdom. I love looking back at my time at Webster University Vienna, including my semester abroad in London, and am very thankful for all the memories and lifelong friendships I have been able to make while completing my BA degree there.