Information for New Students- Graduate

Student ID Cards

A student ID is required when checking out books from the library, accessing the computer lab, signing up for a certificate of enrollment, and entering certain parts of the campus (see our campus access policy). Students may also need informal proof that they’re a student in Vienna to qualify for student discounts or for the student metro ticket. Preparation of the cards will begin after registration has ended. Be aware that ID cards expire every semester. The expiration date can be extended at the reception desk at the beginning of each semester.

To get your ID card, please request one via our online Student ID Request system.

Certificate of Enrollment

The Certificate of Enrollment is an official document stating that you are an active student for the current term and is therefore a confirmation of your attendance.

The following documents (two originals of each) will be available on the first day of classes for both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as incoming students in Term 2:

  • Student data protocol (Studeinblatt)
  • Proof of performance (Sammelzeugnis)
  • Certificate of Enrollment (Inskriptionsbestätigung)

One document package will be produced for each registered student and can be picked up at the front desk against a signature as of the first day of the semester according to the academic calendars published on our website. Students on financial or admissions holds will not be permitted to pick-up their documents.
 Reasons you might need a Certificate of Enrollment:

  • Insurance Semester‘s
  • Transportation pass
  • Visa renewal
  • Anywhere you need official proof that you are an enrolled student