Before You Apply

Before you apply, the following information should be reviewed to ensure the appropriate program and start date is selected:

Visa Processing

Be aware that Student Visas, if needed, can take time (up to 3 months), therefore apply as soon as possible. For non-EU applicants under age 18, please review the additional requirements (legal guardianship is required) needed to apply for an Austrian visa.

English Language Requirements

In order to qualify for any of Webster University's academic programs, a minimum level in English proficiency is required. To learn more about our language requirements and how to ensure you meet them, please click here.

Selecting your Entry Date

Bachelor Students:

All first time freshman students (coming directly from high school) can start in all of our 5 terms, if classes are available.

All Bachelor transfer students - transferring from an accredited university (accredited by the Ministry of Education in your country) - can also start in all of our 5 terms, if classes are available.

Should a student run into visa issues and can not start his/her studies, the starting term will be deferred to the next upcoming term if classes are available. Please check with your Admissions Officer.

To learn more about the tuition fees, starting terms and required application documents for the Bachelor programs please visit our UG Factsheet for 2016-2017.

Graduate (Master) Students:

MA in Counseling Psychology - there is only one starting date per year each August (Fall 1).

All other graduate (Master) students are expected to start Fall 1 (Aug.) and Spring 1 (Jan.). If students have visa issues, we can look into individual cases to see which upcoming starting term is available.

All MBA students are expected to have at least 2 years of relevant work experience. To find out more, please visit our Application Instructions - Graduate page.

Arriving on Time

Please be prepared to arrive at Webster Vienna at least one week before classes start (week 0) due to housing check in, testing and NSO dates.

Housing: If you have arranged housing at Webster Vienna Private University, please be aware that housing check in is taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday of week 0. If you would like to find detailed information about campus housing, please visit our housing page.

Testing: (For Undergraduate Students) If you are signed up for placement testing, please arrive latest Tuesday of week 0. Placement testing is for your benefit to test out of classes you might otherwise have to take. We want to make sure that you are placed in the correct classes based on your skills and abilities. If you are already accepted, the results of the placement tests do no affect your acceptance decision. To find out more about testing, please check our testing page.

NSO: New Student Orientation is mandatory for all incoming students and scheduled during  week 0. You will meet all fellow students, receive information about Webster Vienna and sign up for your individual appointment with your academic advisor in order to register for classes. To find out the schedule for the NSO, please visit our NSO page.

Please arrange your transportation accordingly, since all students have to arrive in week 0 in order to start classes in week 1.

Visa: If you need a visa, please fill out the visa application forms in the acceptance package immediately and send a complete visa application to the Austrian embassy in your country. Only if your visa application is complete will the Austrian embassy in your country forward your complete visa application to Vienna, Austria for further processing. This might take up to several months, depending on the date of arrival of your complete visa application. The Visa processing center in Vienna, Austria receives lots of visa application on a daily basis  - so act fast in order to receive your visa on time to start your studies with us. For more information on visas, please visit our visa page.

Special Needs/Disability disclosure:

If you have certain health conditions e.g. learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, blind or low vision, deaf and hearing loss, and/or other disabilities, please let us know right away so we can assess the situation to find out how we can accommodate your needs best. The earlier we know, the better we can support you. We do have procedures in place, so please send us an email about the history of your situation (including any documentation of a psychologist or medical doctor). We are looking forward to working together with you!