Application Instructions- Graduate

When can I start?

Our Graduate programs are designed to begin in the Fall and Spring semesters (Fall I and Spring I). 

Please note that starting in the 2019-20 academic year, new Master of Science students (MSc - Finance or Marketing) may only begin in the Fall I Term (August). Master of Arts (MA - International Relations or Psychology) and MBA students may start in either Fall I or Spring I.


Fall I 2019

Fall II 2019

 Spring 1 2020

Fall I 2020

First day of classes

August 19, 2019

(Entry for all master's programs)

Oct. 21, 2019

(Intl. Relations only)

Jan. 7*, 2020

(Entry for MA and MBA only)

 August 17, 2020

(Entry for all master's programs)

Deadlines Non-EU: mid-February 2019
EU: mid-July 2019
Non-EU: early April 2019
EU: mid-September 2019
Non EU: mid-July 2019
 EU: early December 2019

Non-EU: mid-February 2020
EU: mid-July 2020

* January 6, 2020 is the Spring I start date for all other Webster campuses, but is a public holiday in Austria.


When should I apply?

We encourage students to apply one year in advance. Applications are reviewed continuously and the earliest term for a student to join the desired program will be determined individually based on their prior academic experience. In general, all full-time graduate programs start each year in the Fall 1 Term (August). Graduate students taking Psychology, International Relations, or the MBA program may also start in the Spring I Term (January).

The earlier an applicant submits a complete application, the sooner an Admissions decision can be made.

Please apply early if:

  • you need a visa to enter Austria. The visa application process might take 6 months or longer depending on your citizenship. You can apply for your student visa once you have been granted admission to Webster University. Your acceptance package will include an acceptance letter and a visa application form. You will need to fill out this form and submit it to the Austrian embassy in your country with accompanying documents.  Please notify your Admissions Officer if your visa cannot be issued in time for your starting term. Your starting term can be deferred to the next term if necessary.
  • you are interested in scholarships. Send your application for admissions by early spring. Only students who have been granted admission and meet the minimum grade point average in addition to high English proficiency scores, may apply for a scholarship. Please check our scholarship page to find more details including application instructions, deadlines, and supporting documents.

How do I apply?

Webster University makes admissions decisions based on the application documents to evaluate your likelihood to succeed in your studies. For this process, it is essential for us to have the official documentation of your prior educational records.  Please be aware that we cannot make an admissions decision without all of the following documents.

Summary of the application steps:

  1. Read the information details of your intended degree.
  2. Start your application by clicking the yellow "Apply Now" button. 
  3. Fill out your online application form and Submit the application. At this point, the online application is sent to the university and you will receive a confirmation email.
  4. Once you have submitted your online application form, you can attach your supplemental documents and upload them into your application (please submit all required documents as mentioned in the information details). These documents include:
    • Official, most recent, transcripts from current or undergraduate university (please scan and upload your transcripts into your online application first and provide official, original documentation upon request. Please note that official original documentation mailed directly by your school or certified copies of such are required for a full admissions decision and acceptance). For more information on how to submit these documents, please contact us. 
    • English proficiency test results (click here to see the acceptable tests and minimum scores required)
    • Updated curriculum vitae
    • An essay (topics can be found here). Students interested in the MBA program will need to write a 600-word essay (more information can be found here).
    • One letter of recommendation (a template of the recommendation form can be found here)
  5. An in-person or virtual interview with the head of the department you are applying for is an admissions requirement. Your admissions officer will help you organize the interview.

Once all documents are submitted, an admissions decision will be made. An admissions decision cannot be made without supporting documents. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that all necessary documentation is submitted to the Admissions Office in a timely manner. All applicants will be contacted via e-mail upon receipt of an official online application.

Once an applicant is granted admission to the program, an acceptance e-mail is sent and a complete acceptance package will be mailed per post. Please make sure to state a current and complete mailing address including zip code, city and country on the application form including a contact phone number. 

Due to Austrian accreditation requirements, graduate students must complete one of the following courses depending on their desired degree:

  • International Relations and Marketing students: 6000 integrated studies in their relevant field
  • Finance and MBA students: BUSN 6140

  • A full graduate thesis (course code: 6250) worth 6 credit hours may be substituted for this requirement.


Who should apply?

Graduate applicants should possess a Bachelor degree from an accredited university. The university should be accredited by the Ministry of Education of the country it operates in and the applicant's academic record should show at least a minimum American grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Transcripts not showing grades using the American grade point average (GPA) will be converted by Webster University's Admissions Office.  Due to our curriculum's thorough coverage of subject content, students interested in the MBA, International Relations, and Finance Masters' programs are not required to have corresponding Bachelor degrees in that field.

However, all applicants must meet the required English qualifications to be considered for admission. If you have taken the GMAT exam, we would welcome the opportunity to view your score as an optional additional component of your application. Our test code is LMS-TD-02. However, a GMAT score is not required for admissions.

Selection Process

The goal of the admissions application process is to evaluate the likelihood of an applicant's success in Webster's graduate programs. As such all documents submitted are carefully considered. Due to the diverse backgrounds of Webster's student population, a positive admissions decision is determined by a variety of characteristics. Decisions are based on (but are not limited to) academic background, English proficiency, work experience, motivation, extracurricular involvement and strength of the written essay.

MBA 2-year work experience requirement

Applicants to the MBA program are expected to have at least 2 years of full-time relevant work experience. Internship, volunteer work, and leadership activities may also be considered if a candidate is short of the full-time work experience as long as they contribute meaningfully to the candidate's profile. While the university does not specify categories of expected work experience, applicants should elaborate on their work experience with an essay. 

Essay (minimum 600 words): In your essay, please describe your work experience in detail (work assignments, projects you worked on, accomplishments you achieved). Further explain how the MBA program fits your further career plans, i.e. how you expect it to contribute to your professional development. 

All MBA applicants must submit this essay in lieu of the 400-word alternative.