Global Citizenship Program and the Liberal Arts

Templates for Course Syllabi

Art History
ARHS 1050: Art Appreciation
ARHS 2200: Current Art

Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 1200: Human Origins
ANTH 2500: Peoples and Cultures

DESN 1210: Design Concepts

ENGL 1044: Topics in Literature
ENGL 2035: History of the Novel
ENGL 2160: Creative Writing: Fiction

First-Year Seminar
FRSH 1200: First-Year Seminar

GRMN 1090: Elementary German: Level I
GRMN 1100: Elementary German: Level II
GRMN 2090: Intermediate German: Level I
GRMN 2100: Intermediate German: Level II

HIST 2210: Early Modern Europe

International Languages and Cultures
ILC 2150: Topics in Culture(s)

Keystone Seminar
KEYS 4011: Crossing Border: Language and Power
KEYS 4012: City Life
KEYS 4016: Business, Behavior, Health and Society

PHIL 1000: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2300: Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 2320: Contemporary Moral Problems
PHIL 2520: Philosophical Classics: Early Modern Europe
PHIL 2525: The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment

SCIN 1510: Global Climate Change

SOCI 2375: Global Social Problems
SOCI 2750: Introduction to Measurement and Statistics
SOCI 3450: Sex and Gender

Theatre 1050: Theatre Appreciation

STAT 1100: Descriptive Statistics
STAT 3100: Inferential Statistics

Walker School of Business and Technology
WSBT 2000: Career Exploration for Professional Success

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
WGST 2610: Women, Gender and Sexuality in Social Justice Organizations

WRIT 1000: Basic Writing Workshop