German-language coursework at WVPU proceeds under the supervision of the Center for Liberal Arts. For the Academic Year 2018/19, the following German-language courses are scheduled:

Fall 1
GRMN 1090 Elementary German I (A1.1)
GRMN 3090 Advanced German I (B1.1)

Fall 2
GRMN 1100 Elementary German II (A1.2)
GRMN 3100 Advanced German II (B1.2)

GRMN 3150 Culture and Civilization of German Speaking Countries (B1+)

Spring 1
GRMN 2090 Intermediate German I (A2.1)

Spring 2   
GRMN 2100 Intermediate German II (A2.2)


The information in parentheses gives an approximate correspondence of German-language courses at WVPU to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Please refer to Courses@WVPU for the latest information on course schedules.