Faculty- Global Citizenship Program

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Ryan Crawford                           Assistant Professor of Political Philosophy /
Global Citizenship Program Head                 
Rafał Morusiewicz, MA Lecturer in the Liberal Arts /
Language Center Coordinator

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Michael Zinganel              Contemporary History, Urbanism                                                  mzinganel89@webster.edu
Mag. Evita Nitsch German Language evitanitsch40@webster.edu
Christof Muigg, MA Cultural, Military and Diplomatic History of Early Modern Europe christofmuigg68@webster.edu
Dr. Barbara Rothmüller Sociology of Education, Inequality, Sexuality brothmueller71@webster.edu
Dr. Maxime Brami Archaelogy, Anthropology maximebrami72@webster.edu
Dr. Alexandra Rosa Poelzlbauer Germanic Languages and Literature apoelzlbauer88@webster.edu
Dr. Sandra Lehmann Philosophy. Metaphysics, Phenomenology sandralehmann23@webster.edu
Dr. David Wagner Philosophy davidwagner48@webster.edu
Dr. Edward Saunders Comparative Literature, Cultural Memory, Life-Writing edwardsaunders40@webster.edu
Brooke Penaloza Patzak, MA BFA Contemporary History, History of Science, Material Culture brookep32@webster.edu
Dipl. Ing. Marlene Rutzendorfer Art History mrutzendorfer50@webster.edu
Dr. Paul Fagan British and Irish Literature, Modernism, Cultural Studies paulfagan08@webster.edu
Mag. Khaled Hakami Social Evolution, Origins and Functions of War, Macrosociology khaledhakami53@webster.edu
PrivDoz Dipl-Geogr Annett Bartsch PhD Geography, Climate Change Science annettbartsch52@webster.edu
Julia Ruck, MA German Language, Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition juliaruck51@webster.edu
Dr. Renée von Paschen Theater Studies, Translation, Poetry reneevonpaschen@webster.edu
Mag. Sabine Melnicki German Language, Literature and Linguistics sabinemelnicki@webster.edu
Seth Weiner, BFA M.Arch Art sethweiner14@webster.edu
Fabian Faltin, MA Creative Writing, Performance Art, Voice and Text fabianfaltin54@webster.edu
Dr. Judith Albrecht Social Anthropology, Gender, Social Justice, Transnationalism judithalbrecht72@webster.edu
Claudia Slanar, Mag.a, MA, MFA Contemporary Art and Film claudiaslanar53@webster.edu