Why Media - Why Today

Why Media - Why Today - Why study - research - explore - analyze - practice digital communications tools - isn’t there an "app" for that? Join media communications faculty member, Holger Lang, on September 7th from 5 - 6pm in room 4.07 on campus for a compelling talk on media today.


How does one prevail in the digital deluge during a time dominated by social networks and virtual communities?
How does one develop constructive and fulfilling ways to deal with the influence of fake news, staged selfies and alternative realities?

By discussing creative strategies and conceptual proposals, Holger Lang will present his research and practice in the fields of audio-visual communication, time-based media, and personal expression.

A consumption oriented market is encouraging users to believe that the easily acquired handling of a smart-phone or computer-tablet effortlessly qualifies them as skilled experts in a media-controlled world. Such an environment makes many people consider the exploratory and theoretical study of media as redundant as the training in professional production techniques and advanced operational procedures.

However, the idea that a user can turn into a participator, creator, and producer without any further hassle, this notion may also be seen as a refined element of business policies. Only by analyzing, exploring and through this by understanding internal dynamics, structures, and conditions of converging and interdisciplinary media one can achieve realistic assessments and then potentially gain control of one's inevitably mediated surroundings.