WebMUN 2015

WebMUN 2015 - The Geopolitics of Resource Scarcity

In today's globalised economy, resource scarcity is one the biggest threats to both developed and developing nations. Wether oil, gas, coal, water, food or rare earth materials, the world is constantly at threat of resource scarcity, which leads to grave geopolitical consequences. This conference is designed to highlight how nations conduct their foreign policy in pursuit of resources, and to demonstrate to students the importance of understanding these issues. 

Students will be asked to research extensively prior to the conference, so that once they have arrived in Vienna, they can go about solving security questions which relate to resource scarcity. 

The set-up of the committees has been designed so that the most important stakeholders, both importers and exporters, are represented. 

Furthermore, resource scarcity and energy issues are one of the primary research focus of faculty at Webster Vienna's Department of International Relations. Professors and research fellows will be present throughout the conference to act as consultants for students wishing to deepen their knowledge.

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8:00am - Registration starts

10:00am - Registration ends

10:30am - Opening Ceremony with keynote speaker 

11:30am - Networking brunch

12:30pm - Committee Session

5:30pm - Break 

6.00pm - Committee Session

7.30pm - Interconnectivity Session

8.00pm - Committee Session

9:00pm - End of Day 1

11:00pm - Social event: Club night (Meet at Webster Campus) 



10:00am - Committee Session

12:00 noon - Coffee break

12:30pm - Committee Session

2:00pm - Lunch Break

3:00pm - Committee Session

5:00pm - Interconnectivity Session

5:30pm - Committee Session

7:30pm - Traditional Viennese Dinner



8:00am - Committee Session

11:30am - Coffee Break

12:00 noon - Committee Session

1:30pm - Lunch Break

2:30pm - Committee Session

4:00pm - Interconnectivity Session

4:30pm - Committee Session

6:30pm - Closing Ceremony + Champagne reception

7:30pm - End + Night out at Ride Club