Tough Love: Russia, Gas, and Europe

The International Relations Department is proud to announce the visit of Dr. Andrei V. Belyi, who will hold a guest lecture entitled "Tough Love: Russia, Gas, and Europe".

An expert on EU-Russia energy relations, Dr. Belyi has recently published his newest book "Transnational Gas Markets and Euro-Russian Energy Relations" (Palgrave 2015). You find more information about the book here.

Where? Webster Vienna, Praterstrasse 23; Room #0.16

When? Mon., May 23rd, 12.15 to 1.45pm


Andrei V. Belyi is a researcher and consultant on energy policies issues, gas markets and Russian hydrocarbon sectors. Currently, he is a Project Researcher at the University of Eastern Finland, Centre for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Law. Prior to 2015, he co-directed two Jean Monnet modules on energy and environment at the University of Tartu, Estonia. He also used to work at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow (Russia), where he was based from 2007 to 2012. He has been giving regular lectures at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum, Mineral Law and Policy (Dundee, UK), at the Global Energy Programme of the Warwick Business School (UK), at the Centre for Energy and Resources at the University College London in Adelaide, Australia, as well as at the University of Aberdeen.

Dr. Belyi has a number of publications related to the energy security, the EU's external energy policy, to EU-Russia energy relations, to Russia's energy policy dynamics and to international energy governance, including the Energy Charter process. In addition to that, Andrei V Belyi is a Member of the Editorial board of the Journal for World Energy Law and Business (Oxford University Press). Dr. Belyi is an academic coordinator of Jean Monnet chair on energy and environment at the CEURUS and participates in European Commission's FP7 project on Policies of natural resources (Polinares) on behalf of CEPMLP. Currently, he is advising private companies on liquefied natural gas markets.

In total, with 16 years of consultancy services, he provides advice for the EU institutions, Russian governmental agencies, companies and private firms. For consultancy purposes he owns a limited company Balesene OU reachable at balesene (att)


In 2005, he has accomplished a consultancy assignment within the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels.

Dr. Belyi is graduated at Free University of Brussels (ULB), where he also defended his PhD on energy security dimension in the EU-Russia relations. (Source: OGEL)