Strategy Execution Consortium Event

The Business and Management Department will host a Strategy Execution Consortium Event on the 06-07 June 2018. The theme is “Successfully Executing Strategy in Decentralized Organizations”. The event is co-organized with i-nexus, a UK-based strategy execution software company. Prof. Dr. Eskerod is chairing the event and will also be a keynote-speaker.

Strategy Execution is fast becoming a critical area of focus for successful organizations. In larger organizations there are frequently business units (sometimes in different parts of the world) which offer different products and services or need to deal with the local market conditions. In this type of organization (here called decentralized organizations), strategy execution can be very challenging. There may be corporate strategic goals applying to the enterprise as a whole that need to be deployed, but also local strategic goals which are important to the different units given the market needs for those specific products/services and/or local market needs.

A key question for managers is how to best ensure that the local units do not become overwhelmed with centrally driven initiatives, so that the organization does not lose the opportunity to gain full advantage of its scale or diverse capabilities and settings, while at the same time ensuring that the corporate initiatives are implemented as intended. Another question is how to ensure that locally relevant and vital strategies are properly executed despite the embeddedness of the local unit in a larger organization.

At the event, senior level strategy execution practitioners and academics are invited to share experiences, ideas, resources and best practices. These best practices include Hoshin Planning, Balanced Scorecards and Program and Portfolio Management as well as tools and approaches to successfully manage change and transformation in large organizations.

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