Research Seminar | "Sovereign Debt: Service and Sustainability"

“Sovereign Debt: Service and Sustainability”

Keynote Lecture by Prof. Christos Ioannides
Associate Dean and Professor of Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship of Aston University

Wednesday, 19th April 2017
18:00 - 19:00
Rooms 4.06+4.07

The global evolution of sovereign debt in the aftermath of the economic and financial crisis which started in August 2007 has resulted in number of problems regarding the sustainability of the debt. We will be discussing the dynamic evolution of sovereign debt and explore the conditions for its sustainability in terms of the relevant economic and financial conditions. For any given state of sovereign debt, the subsequent role of fiscal policy it is of the outmost importance and its consequences will have implications for different sectors of the domestic economy. We will also address the rationale for the policies adopted in the European sovereign debt crisis, which was focused on a number of relatively small economies and was dealt non-uniformly, from the bail in in Cyprus to the haircut for Greece and the subsequent placement of these assets away from the financial markets to European institutions.

Prof. Christos Ioannides joined the Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship Group at Aston Business School as Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance in 2016. He has previously held posts at The University of Bath, Cardiff Business School, University of Liverpool and Brunel University. Recently he is involved with externally funded research projects that deal with the economics of information security. He has undertaken research as consultant for private financial institutions and government organizations (ONS, City of London Corporation, WDA etc). He has successfully supervised eight doctoral students and currently supervising three full-time students, reading in credit market derivatives and their effects on systemic stability, modelling the term structure in fixed income security assets and the effectiveness of forecast combinations in financial markets and one part-time student researching the impact of the introduction of the common currency in European equity markets.

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