The Psych Club meeting and election

Dear Students!
All of our Psych Club officers graduated last year. The offices up for election are: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Psych Club meeting and election will be held on:

Wednesday, September 10 from 1:15 pm to 2 pm
Room: 5.2


Please send your self-nomination to me, Krista Rothschild, and be prepared to say a few words about why you want the particular office on Wednesday. I will type the ballots with the names for each office.
The Psych Club helps organize events, provides charity work, collaborates with our faculty/other universities/the Austrian union (Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists, BÖP), holds fundraising to finance students’ attendance at conferences, and organizes social activities for those who have a passion about Psychology. This is one way to add weight to your CV for job and graduate school applications. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to work closer with the faculty and get involved socially.

See this at APA:

A few examples of clubs:

The job descriptions

President - Must be a good organizer, responsible and have good leadership skills!

  • Collaborates with the Psychology Department faculty about students’ wishes & concerns
  • Oversees all other officers’ work and projects.
  • Oversees the needs and meeting of those needs for events and activities.
  • Organizes regular meetings
  • Actively recruits new members
  • Works closely with the Student Affairs’ office,  including the attendance of:
  1. Campus Opening Celebrations (October 1st during the day) and the
  2. Webster University Grand Opening (October 29th in the evening).
  • Organize the elections to be held in Spring for the following year

Vice President - Must be a good organizer, responsible, social and creative!

  • Organizes events
  • Oversees marketing (flyers, posters, website)
  • Oversees the refreshments at events (organization of the set-up/clean-up teams)

Secretary - Must be a good organizer, responsible, detail oriented and good at reporting & word processing!

  • Takes meeting notes and types them up
  • Keeps track of registrations for meetings
  • Takes attendance at meetings
  • Organizes/sends email correspondence

Treasurer - Must be a good organizer, responsible and have accounting/bookkeeping skills!

  • Oversees all financial records and fundraising activities
  • Organizing the club funding with WUV
  • Able to use Excel

Get involved! Be the voice of our psychology students!
Our next goal will be to start our own chapter of Psi Chi, the international honors society for psychology: