Policy Lecture: Closure of the Former Yugoslavia Tribunal

Policy Lecture: Closure of the Former Yugoslavia Tribunal, Dr. Werner Druml
November 23 / 4:00pm / room 4.06/07

The International Relations department invites students, staff and faculty to the policy lecture by Dr. Werner Druml, Austrian Ambassador to the Netherlands and former respresentative to the ICTY, titled Closure of the Former Yugoslavia Tribunal.

Dr. Druml will speak about the international response to the Yugoslav conflict; The wars in the 1990s in former Yugoslavia, which lead to the breakup of the Federation into 7 independent countries has been the worst crises since the Second World War in Europe. They have dominated the international attention and were a major challenge to the United Nations and the Security Council in its key role in maintaining and restoring peace and security. The limits of peacekeeping became obvious at an early stage, the operation had been widely seen as a failure.

Given the widespread violations of international humanitarian law, including mass killings and ethnic cleansing, the Security Council has on the other hand, in spite of dominating realpolitical considerations by the Powers, decided to put justice before peace by establishing the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. A new chapter of international law had been opened.

If you're interested in attenting the lecture RSVP to irdepartment@webster.ac.at