IR & Politics Research Seminar Series: Prof. David Shambaugh

The International Relations Department at WVPU is delighted to announce the next date for its new Politics and IR Research Seminar Series, which is providing a platform to WVPU's IR faculty and invited academic guests to discuss new scholarly output. The format is a classic one: 45 minutes presentation followed by a 30-45 minute Q&A session. The primary purpose of the Research Seminar Series is to offer a forum to faculty members and invited academics to present their work and receive comments and feedback from colleagues and students. For students this is an excellent opportunity to gather firsthand experience with ongoing academic debates and research, as well as academic working methods. 

The Politics & IR Research Seminar Series will continue on November 20th 2019 with Prof. David Shambaugh (George Washington University) presenting his current research "Where Great Powers Meet: America & China in Southeast Asia".

As comprehensive competition between the United States and China is now a global phenomena, it is geostrategically concentrated across the vast Indo-Pacfic region. Within this region, it is concentrated primarily in Southeast Asia (ASEAN). In this seminar, Professor Shambaugh will give an overview of his forthcoming book Where Great Powers Meet on this topic.

Professor David Shambaugh is an internationally recognized authority and author on contemporary China and the international relations of Asia, with a strong interest in the European Union and transatlantic issues. His areas of expertise include China’s domestic politics; China’s foreign relations; China’s military and security; and international relations of Asia. 

Wednesday, November 20 - 2:00pm – room 0.16
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