IR & Politics Research Seminar: Ralph Janik

The International Relations Department at WVPU is pleased to announce the next date for its Politics and IR Research Seminar Series. The primary purpose of the Research Seminar Series is to offer a forum to faculty members and invited academics to present their work and receive comments and feedback from colleagues and students. For students this is an excellent opportunity to gather firsthand experience with ongoing academic debates and research, as well as academic working methods. The format is a classic one: 45 minutes presentation followed by a 30-45 minute Q&A session.

The Politics & IR Research Seminar Series will continue on March 27th 2019 with MMag. Ralph Janik, LL.M. presenting his research on US Sovereignty in the Age of Trump – A European Perspective.

The Trump administration has been launching numerous challenges to international law and international institutions, be it the World Trade Organization, environmental law, or the prohibition of torture. Countless commentators have thus lamented the decline of multilateralism and the so-called “Liberal World Order.” We may indeed be witnesses of the comeback of 19th century thinking on sovereignty and a return to Balance of Power Politics.

Wednesday, March 27th - 14.00-15.30 - Room 1.01

As space is limited, please register at