Inaugural Lecture Dr. Elina Brutschin

Computer Simulations in International Relations

Dr. Elina Brutschin, latest addition to the Webster International Relations Department Research Faculty, will present a core field of her extensive research activities. She recently presented the findings of using a methodology of computer simulations with regard to EU decision making at the ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) Conference held at the University of Glasgow, September 3-6, 2014. Dr. Brutschin on her inaugural lecture:

Recently more and more International Relations scholars use computer simulations in their research. What is the added value of such approaches? What can we learn? What are the pitfalls?
In this lecture I will discuss some of the most prominent examples in the literature and then offer some examples from my own research.
I have used computer simulations to offer a contra-intuitive explanation for the increasing speed of decision-making in the European Union and one off my most recent co-authored projects is using computer simulations to model the dynamics in the patterns of civilian displacement."

Dr. Brutschin has earned a PhD from the University of Constance, writing on the liberalization of European gas markets. Furthermore she worked at the Institute for Advanced Studies (Institut für Höhere Studien, IHS) in Vienna. Besides her expertise in methodologies and energy matters, she focuses on Eastern European studies. Her teaching career at Webster University Vienna began in 2011, as an Adjunct Professor. She became Assistant Professor and hence full-time research faculty member in September 2013. Throughout the current academic year, Dr. Brutschin will teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, including Introduction to International Relations, Advanced Research Methods and Environmental Security.

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