CROWDFUNDING - A Panel Discussion with Industry Insiders

Crowdfunding represents one of the most promising means of financing new businesses, innovative ideas and projects in their seed and early phase. Therefore the growth in crowdfunding volume worldwide has been staggering. Webster Vienna invited industry insiders, crowdfunding platform owners as well as successful crowdfunding entrepreneurs to share their experiences and knowledge with our students, entrepreneurship community and the wider public. We want to find out more about the secrets of success as well as about the future development of crowdfunding in Austria and the CEE region, which has been rather underdeveloped until now.


Discussion Topics:

  • Crowdfunding in Austria and the CEE region: Status quo and the future outlook
  • How to increase success chance of crowdfunding projects
  • Choice of the right crowdfunding type and the right crowdfunding platform


1. Keynote Address

2. Discussion Panel 1: Crowdfunding Industry

3. Crowdsourcing in application - Part 1

4. Discussion Panel 2: Crowdfunding Campaigns

  • Theresa Steininger, MA
    Wohnwagon, CEO (campaign on Conda)

  • Andreas Moritz
    Mavienna, CEO (campaign on Wemakeit)

  • Mag. Julian Juen
    Kaahee, Owner & CEO (campaign on Conda, the most successful crowdinvesting campaign in Austria)

  • Tilen Travnik
    D·Labs, Startup Mentor, Partner (campaign on Kickstarter)

5. Crowdsourcing in application - Part 2

6. Students' Q&A session with the panelists & Networking


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Photo credit: Pictures of Money, 'Money', August 1, 2014 (CC BY 2.0)