Change Agents at Work – Reflecting upon Change Leadership presented by Dr. Pernille Eskerod

In our fast-paced world, the ability to cope with change is crucial. Research shows, however, that about 70% of all change initiatives fail. To become better change leaders we need to understand the role of change agents. This lecture will address the WHO and the HOW questions. Who should be the change agents within an organization? Top management, middle management, project managers, intern or external consultants, peer-employees, or all of them? – and how should the change agents try to induce aimed-for change? By persuasive communication, role modeling, specific incentives, delegating, a participatory approach, or?
Based on her findings from a number of in-depth case studies in private and public organizations, Pernille Eskerod invites the participants to reflect upon the role of change agents.

Dr. Pernille Eskerod´s Biography