Business Bites - Workplace Bullying

The Business & Management Department is proud to host the

Business Bites Research Seminar Series. 

Dr. Eva Zedlacher


Workplace Bullying: What it is, How it is Measured, and Who is to Blame?

Over the last decades workplace bullying has become one of the major research streams in organization and work psychology. However, in organizational practice, many bullying claims made by targets are rejected by third parties (e.g. observers, human resource professionals). In particular if targets are attributed a “difficult personality” and/or low performance, they are often blamed and made personally accountable for what has happened.

Dr. Zedlacher will discuss definitional challenges of the phenomenon “workplace bullying”, latest measurement approaches, and recent findings on prevalence rates from a large-scale Austrian study. Also, insights from a current study on the impact of “high” and “low” performance by targets on the attribution of blame, helping intentions and intervention by third parties will be presented.

Thursday, April 25th: 16:00 - 17:30


sliders, hotdogs, and drinks will be served.

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