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Keynote External Lecture

Blessing or Curse? The Impact of Fracking on Oklahoma’s Housing Prices

The business and management department invites students, staff, faculty, and other members of the Webster Vienna Private University community to a Keynote External Lecture by Dr. Nicholas Apergis of the University of Piraeus in Greece. Dr. Apergis holds a PhD in Economics from Fordham University in New York and a Master of Arts from the Economic University of Athens. His research emphasis includes macroeconomics and energy economics as well domestic and international financial markets. He has over 230 publications in international journals, while he is considered among the top-20 researchers in energy and environmental issues.


Fracking (or horizontal) drilling has opened a wide-ranging discussion on the role of such technological developments in economies trapped in shale and tight gas formations. Although oil and natural gas production has increased significantly over the last decade, it has also opened new possibilities for such economies in terms of employment benefits and other effects, such as those on housing prices. This paper attempts to explore, for the first time, the impact of fracking on housing prices across Oklahoma’s counties, spanning the period 1996-2015.


Wed, 6 December | 16:30-17:30 | 4.06+4.07​