Evaluation Instruments

Evaluation Instruments (Student Course Evaluations / Faculty Evaluation Questionnaire / Faculty Peer Evaluation)
Student course evaluations provide faculty with useful feedback about the level of receptivity students feel for their course by soliciting their input to determine their level of satisfaction with the course as well as the benefits they derive from their participation. Benefits most commonly represent the learning outcomes.

Course evaluation instruments will be provided to you by the Academic Coordinator; they represent college-level distinctions, yet they have a common concern and priority. Given that we are all part of a worldwide university, we share a common interest in learning more about what students are learning at Webster in terms of their knowledge, skill, and competencies.

Webster University has established a systematic procedure for administering course evaluations in classrooms, worldwide. This data is very important to the institution, the college, the department or program, and the faculty. We hope you will find the Webster way of handling this data very amenable to your classroom management style.

We will put the Student Course Evaluation Forms (with the exact number of students enrolled) into your mailbox and you are asked to make sure that during one of your last class meetings, you give the students the necessary time to fill out the forms. You will appoint a responsible student to distribute, collect, and return the filled-out evaluations to the Academic Office. (Detailed instructions for the student will be attached to the envelope). The Academic Office will process the evaluations and send your student feedback. In addition, a Faculty Evaluation Questionnaire  will be sent to you electronically at the end of the term for you to provide feedback on our administrative service and your students’ performance in class. Please note that you must not use the class session during which you hold the final exam for the evaluations. Plan accordingly.

New instructors will be asked in the third week of the term (via their mailboxes at the Front desk) to give students the opportunity to fill out a Mid-term Evaluation Form. The results will be processed and returned to them within one week so they can receive a constructive feedback in a timely manner.

To serve the quality assurance of our pedagogical efforts, Webster Vienna has introduced a peer evaluation procedure to give faculty the opportunity to provide constructive feedback to their colleagues.

The primary purpose of this assessment shall be to assist with the professional development of the instructor. Thus, it also serves performance evaluation for purposes of re-hiring and promotion. Every faculty member at Webster Vienna is strongly encouraged to visit other classes in order to learn from colleagues and enhance his/her own pedagogical effectiveness.

To complete the evaluation both the Assessor and the Instructor must fill out, sign and date the Peer Evaluation Form, after a discussion has taken place. The following categories will be used to rate the Instructor’s performance in each of the areas of; Scholarship, Methods of Presentation, Communication and Interaction, Learning and Approachability.