Eva Petrič, BA, MFA

BA '05 Psychology/Art Minor

"My undergraduate studies in psychology and art at Webster Vienna Private University enabled me to get a much more broad and thus solid basis for my art which i now dedicate my time to. I firmly believe that Webster's unique and hybrid progressive academic program allowing me to combine degrees in visual arts and psychology, is  "the secret" behind my "success" in my art today. I am certain that by not exclusively studying in an art-only environment but instead having been allowed to combine different degrees of study gave me greater creativity, confidence and a strong emphasis on the importance of having also a concept behind my work, which is very important for artists nowadays. Further, Webster, due to its small class size enabled me to really have very intense one-on-one professor-student class experiences, allowing me to get the most out of my classes, professors and classmates. Studying in such a concentrated and intense environment provided me with a solid base also in human relations, which is another very important part of an artist’s life today. If I had to choose a place for my undergraduate degrees again, I would make the same one.”