The English Department aims to improve the oral and written skills of all students. Central to all efforts of the department stands the belief that good communication skills, and in particular good writing and research skills, promote learning and are necessary for professional success. Accordingly, the English Department provides coursework and individual mentoring to help students to gain basic college-level writing skills, to refine and develop these skills, to gain confidence and clarity as writers, and to express themselves in language that is effective and graceful. The department engages in extensive testing and other forms of assessment to ensure that the coursework and services it offers meet the needs of the students.

To meet the needs of both native and non-native speakers, the English Department offers a variety of English as a Second language (ESLG), Composition (WRIT), and Literature (ENGL) courses.


The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free writing tutorial services to all undergraduate and graduate Webster Vienna students. The Writing Center tutors offer help with papers, short assignments, English language issues, and most writing needs. Consultation sessions are student-centered, relaxed and designed to address specific writing assignments, as well as the overall development of the student as a writer.