ECON Reading Group

The ECON Reading Group was founded by the Business and Management Department to promote the study of Economics and its subfields but also to encourage and engage interdisciplinary approaches that include other fields that are prominent at Webster Vienna Private University.

About the ECON Reading Group

The new reading network seeks to

  • Advance scholarly interaction, collaboration, and debate among scholars at WUV and beyond;
  • Support teaching, research, and publishing in economics and related forms of interdisciplinary studies;
  • Help organize and support conferences devoted to economics and related fields
  • Promote economics among faculty and undergraduate students.

What to expect?

Students and faculty can expect

  • Regular meetings to discuss the most recent and relevant publications in the field
  • Hosting of a yearly undergraduate conference where students can present their own research
  • Opportunities for faculty and graduate students to present their research to a critical audience in preparation for conferences
  • Workshops on varying topics
  • Additional support for highly motivated and promising students in economics and related fields

How to join

The ECON Reading Group welcomes faculty, independent scholars, graduate students and undergraduate students with an interest in economics and social sciences from all disciplines. Find out more here.

Please note: Membership is not limited to students at the Business and Management Department but interested students from all fields are welcome to join!

Get in touch!

Reading Group Coordinator: Mag. Ralph Schoellhammer (Adjunct Professor)