Dr. Peter Harold, MBA

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Hypo Noe Group
MBA '86

"When I chose Webster University, I had just finished my studies at the Vienna School of Economics and realized that I wanted more of an international focus, a global perspective. My Webster MBA has helped me to interact with other nationalities and cultures, which is really important in your business life later on. By changing my mindset, the MBA has enabled me to work internationally, which is something I had always dreamed about. My international career path and background have also helped me to reach a CEO position.
The general MBA gives you a good foundation basis for overall business activities. At the same time, it is crucial to know what you want to do after graduation. Nowadays the MBA has become a degree obtainable from a number of universities so students should pay special attention to the quality of the institution they apply to. In that respect, students who want a unique international setup and hands-on experience will find Webster to be just the right place for their studies."