Dr. Diana Bank Guzmán, MA, MBA

Full-time professor at the Department of International Business
Unversidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico
MA '89 International Relations

"I came to Vienna and studied at Webster for 18 months from 1987 to 1988. By that time, I was hooked on Vienna and on international relations. The people I met at Webster, the professors I had and Austria made me want to know and study even more. I continued my studies first at the “Diplomatische Akademie” also in Vienna, before going back to the US to work at the US Congress and at the Mexican Embassy in Washington DC, doing lobbying for the NAFTA negotiations. With this in hand, I moved to New York to do an MBA and to Israel for a PhD in international business, which seemed to complement my previous studies. Since then, I have been teaching at various institutions, but decided on settling (at least for now) in Puebla, Mexico, where I teach international relations and affairs, as well as marketing.

My time in Vienna and at Webster were the most important years in my formation as a professional. Webster Vienna opened doors for me, I could not think possible, and opened my eyes to the real world and made me appreciate the limitless possibilities I had been offered. Since then, I “preach” higher education, travel, languages and a definite stop in Vienna, if only for a visit."