Oké Africa party

With the Oké Africa party we celebrate the culmination of Webster Vienna's Project Africana general education course cluster. This party gives you the chance to experience a bit of African culture right here in Vienna.

Marshall Plan

Marshall Plan Symposium 2015 at Webster

On June 10, 2015, the annual symposium organized by the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation, highlighting the significance of transatlantic relations in general and current issues in particular, was held for the first time at Webster Vienna Private University.

Mag. Marc Bittner began with a survey conducted in Austria, indicating that while support for increased cooperation with America is strong in certain sectors, Austrians remains skeptical about increased economic and security cooperation. The survey also revealed a trend of fear for the effects of the upcoming TTIP agreement.

Marshall Plan

Marshall Plan Symposium 2015

Transatlantic Relations and Their Significance Today

Wednesday, June 10, 2015, 4 p.m.
Webster University, Palais Wenkheim | Praterstrasse 23, 1020 Vienna

Staff & Faculty appreciation breakfast

Staff & Faculty Recognition, 2015

On May 20th, 2015, staff and faculty members gathered at Webster Vienna’s first ever Staff & Faculty appreciation breakfast.

Following this St. Louis tradition, the event consisted of several parts:
The Teacher of the Year award has been presented to Ryan Crawford, the Head of the Writing Center for the second consecutive time. The Excellence in Teaching award went to Mehdi Ali, a long-term professor from the Business and Management Department.

Der Standard - In einem Jahr zum MBA

Die Webster Vienna Private University bietet ein einjähriges MBA-Intensivstudium an.

Ivan Krastev

How Anniversaries Make History

Guest lecture by Ivan Krastev

28. April 2015, 18:00
Webster Vienna Private University

Ken Albala

Baroque Banquet and cooking with Ken Albala

We have had the pleasure of having food historian and author Ken Albala, as our Elizabeth Chopin Visiting Professor 2015. Ken Albala has been teaching one week of a four-week food history course.


Guest Lecture and Baroque Banquet

We are honored to have food historian and author Ken Albala, as our Elizabeth Chopin Visiting Professor 2015. Ken Albala will teach one week of a four-week food history course.

Der Standard - Nicht nur das wirtschaftliche Wachstum messen

In the beginning of the year Webster Vienna hosted a guest lecture by Dr. Tho Ha Vinh, the program director of the Gross National Happiness (GNH) Centre in Bhutan. He gave an overview of the concept of GNH, the implementation of this alternative paradigm for economic development in the Kingdom of Bhutan, and the importance of taking happiness and well-being into account in any measurement of development.

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Ethics Weekend

Ethics Weekend

The highly anticipated Ethics Weekend Workshop took place on January 23rd and 24th. The topic covered was "Dilemmas Facing the Intellectual Community".

Role-plays, simulations, group discussions and project work were only few of the activities, in which students got involved.

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