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Kurier: Die Webster University zieht ins Stadt-Palais

Die Privatuniversität Webster zieht Ende August in ihr neues Domizil: In das Palais Wenkheim. Ein erster Besuch in dem beeindruckenden Gebäude... Full article at:

Advisory Board

Wenkheim Countdown: 8 Weeks

Although still two months away from opening, Palais Wenkheim has begun to liven up as it hosted its first two events this week. Yesterday, a press conference was held to discuss Webster Vienna's up-coming move. Also, today, the Webster Vienna Advisory Board met and enjoyed their first tour of the renovated building.

With small chats in the atrium and refreshments in the library, the new building has already demonstrated its ideal environment for hosting both Webster and international events.

der Standard: Webster Privat-Uni zieht um und will wachsen

Privatuni zog ins Palais Wenkheim in Wien-Leopoldstadt - Studentenzahl soll in zehn Jahren auf 1.000 verdoppelt werden... Full article at:

Wiener Zeitung: Webster University will Studentenzahlen verdoppeln

Die Webster Vienna Private University rückt Richtung Wiener Zentrum. Ab August werden ihre über 500 Studierenden (Frauenanteil 53 Prozent) nicht mehr in der Berchtoldgasse in Wien-Donaustadt unterrichtet, sondern in der Praterstraße in der Leopoldstadt... Full article at:

Reception Model vs. Real

Wenkheim Countdown: 9 Weeks

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014
It's once again Wenkheim Wednesday and we are now just 9 weeks away from the start of the Fall semester at the new Palais Wenkheim. This week, we are taking a look back at a few of the original campus models, drafted before our renovations. We are very proud of how far we have come and are excited as the next few weeks take us even closer to the finish line.

Fountain bench

Wenkheim Wednesday: 10 Weeks!

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014
Only ten more weeks 'til we officially  open the doors to Palais Wenkheim and begin a new chapter in Webster history.  This week will be the final week for our construction workers as they briskly finish up the final touches to the building's mill work.

Since last week, the library's project rooms have nearly been completed. The rooms now feature comfortable booth seating, surrounding each room's large work table. In addition, sliding glass doors have been added to the rooms.

Wenkheim Countdown: 11 weeks!

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014
We must wait only 11 more weeks until our students move into Webster's new campus, Palais Wenkheim. As the millwork continues, the Palais begins to look more and more like a university campus every day (apart from the giant machine being used for painting touch-ups in the Atrium). Today, we got a glimpse of the workers carrying in a few of the classroom desk/chairs and watched as they carried each of them up the stairs and into the classrooms. The chairs seen below are special swivel chairs which will be used in six of the university's classrooms. They will continue to move in more furniture during the upcoming weeks.

Career Event Participants

Hilton Worldwide Career Event

Hilton Worldwide recently launched Careers@Hilton Live: Youth in Hospitality Month, its largest ever global career event showcasing the many opportunities available to young professionals in the hospitality industry. It was a special honor for Webster Vienna University to be part of this exceptional career-event: Webster Scholars as well as Webster Leads students, Members of the Delta Mu Delta and of the Dean’s List had the great chance to meet General Manager of Hilton Austria, Mr. Norbert Lessing, together with some top Managers at Hilton Stadtpark in Vienna.

Graduation Weekend 2014

Thanks to a collective effort from staff, Webster Vienna’s 2014 graduation festivities successfully took place this weekend – and it was certainly something to behold!

It started off with the Honors Convocation Friday evening at Palais Eschenbach, where 26 awardees were recognized for their academic excellence. An intimate cocktail reception followed with approximately 100 guests. Photos from the Honors Convocation/Cocktail can be found on our Flickr album.

Building library benches

Wenkheim Countdown: 12 weeks!

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
It's Wenkheim Wednesday and just 12 more weeks 'til we move into the newly renovated Palais Wenkheim. With an extended weekend ahead, you may want to consider taking an evening stroll down Praterstrasse to see the Palais's beautiful, illuminating lights we had set up on the façade.  Other additions include new studio lights in the Video Recording Studio. Although the room is completely black, the new lights have the ability to turn the studio into the brightest room in the building.


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