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Brunch for Scholarship students

The Webster Vienna community celebrated both new and returning scholarship students today at brunch in their honor. Scholarship coordinator Katherine Price Beuchert, Academic Director Dr. Regina Kecht, and Student Services Coordinator Jesse Alexander spoke at the event, which highlighted the rigorous academic standards and service aspects of scholarships at Webster Vienna.

Ethics workshop

Ethics Workshop for Freshman Class

At the beginning of this term, our Freshman Class took part in an exciting new event at Webster Vienna: the Ethics Workshop. Over the course of two days, our first year students were immersed into the challenging world of Ethics. Guided by our skilled faculty members, students had the opportunity to explore a number of ethical and moral dilemmas through simulations, role-plays and group discussions. The objective of this workshop was to put them in real life situations, emulating the challenges that they will face as they develop from university students to working members of society.

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation Kicks Off at Palais Wenkheim

Today, the very first students arrived at our new location - Palais Wenkheim.
The two-day orientation kicked off this morning with a new cohort of 71 undergraduate students!

After a warm welcome from our Director Dr. Arthur Hirsh, the students broke into groups and received a tour of the building lead by our student leaders from the Webster Leads program. The groups were the very first to use our new classrooms, where they were welcomed into the Webster community and introduced to Webster's academic system, expectations, and our code of honor.

New Student Orientation - Undergraduate Students

The New Student Orientation is mandatory for new students and a great opportunity to meet one’s peers new to Webster and familiarize oneself with the American university system, meet and make an appointment with the academic advisor, learn more about Vienna and all it has to offer to degree seeking students, discuss cultural differences and culture shock, and last but not least get acquainted with the Webster Vienna campus and its various services, staff and faculty.

Fall 1 (August)  NSO schedule

Palais Wenkheim

Wenkheim Countdown: We are moving in!

This week we are opening the doors to our new campus – Palais Wenkheim. On Monday, August 11th, director Dr. Arthur Hirsh welcomed faculty and staff to their new offices and class rooms. This was a historic and very happy day for Webster Vienna. Palais Wenkheim is a magnificent, bright and elegant building with a very central location in Vienna. We now look forward to meet our new students for New Student Orientation on Wednesday the 20th of August and to welcome back all returning students on August the 25th.

Wenkheim Countdown: 6 Weeks

With classes over and Webster closing for the summer, this will be our last Wenkheim Wednesday before the big move-in. We hope all of your final exams went well and we wish you a fantastic summer. But before you put away all your books and check out for the next 6 weeks, we would like to give you a tour of all the exciting places you will be able to study in Palais Wenkheim come fall.


Wenkheim Wednesday: 7 Weeks

Now that it is week 7 and classes are beginning to wrap up for the summer semester, consider for a moment that Palais Wenkheim is about as close in your future as your first day of summer classes is in the past. Just 7 more weeks to go! With the move-in date drawing very close, final preparations are being made for the big move from Berchtoldgasse 1 to Praterstrasse 23.

Kurier: Die Webster University zieht ins Stadt-Palais

Die Privatuniversität Webster zieht Ende August in ihr neues Domizil: In das Palais Wenkheim. Ein erster Besuch in dem beeindruckenden Gebäude... Full article at:

Advisory Board

Wenkheim Countdown: 8 Weeks

Although still two months away from opening, Palais Wenkheim has begun to liven up as it hosted its first two events this week. Yesterday, a press conference was held to discuss Webster Vienna's up-coming move. Also, today, the Webster Vienna Advisory Board met and enjoyed their first tour of the renovated building.

With small chats in the atrium and refreshments in the library, the new building has already demonstrated its ideal environment for hosting both Webster and international events.

der Standard: Webster Privat-Uni zieht um und will wachsen

Privatuni zog ins Palais Wenkheim in Wien-Leopoldstadt - Studentenzahl soll in zehn Jahren auf 1.000 verdoppelt werden... Full article at:


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