OÖ Nachrichten - Auf der Suche nach dem "Kaufknopf"

Prof. Peter Walla, Psychology Department Head an der Webster Vienna Private University, im Interview über den Trend und sein Forschungs- und Spezialgebiet des Neuromarketings und dem Einfluss des Unterbwußten auf Kaufentscheidungen.

Top Brain Imaging Study

Mavratzakis, A., Herbert, C., and Walla, P. (2015). Emotional facial expressions evoke faster orienting responses, but weaker emotional responses at neural and behavioural levels compared to scenes: A simultaneous EEG and facial EMG study. Accepted for publication in Neuroimage (Top Brain Imaging Journal).

Inaugural Lecture Series 2015-2016

If My Brain Could Only Speak presented by Dr. Peter Walla

The Neuroscience toolbox allows us to watch the brain at work. This gives us some access to non-conscious information processing that otherwise stays hidden below the awareness threshold. Long ago, the idea arose that the human mind has a non-conscious component that strongly influences our behavior. Today, we realize how important it is to utilize modern neuroscience technology to look inside the brain in order to better understand and predict human behavior and also to fix it in case it goes wrong.

Item Response Theory and Computer Adaptive Testing Workshop

Item Response Theory and Computerized Adaptive Testing

On June 25-27 Dr. Luning Sun and Fiona Chan, MPhil. from The Psychometric Centre, University of Cambridge, presented a workshop at Webster Vienna about online questionnaires and experiments. The Psychometric Centre has developed their own program and platform, Concerto, which is very flexible, easy to program and runs on the R statistics program. Over the last few years, they have acquired responses on personality questionnaires from nearly 6 million people.

Medianet - Ein kleines Zwinkern verrät viel

Laut Wissenschafter der Webster Vienna Private University und der WU Wien können Emotionen objektiv gemessen werden: Unbewusstes Blinzeln sagt mehr über Vorlieben und Abneigungen, als Befragungen oder Hirnscans. 

New book chapter about affect in players

Peter Walla (Head of Psychology Department) introduces a new way to quantify emotion relevant to the game industry:

Sex differences in emotional communication in the workplace

Because men and women increasingly tend to work side by side and are expected to manage each other, it is essential to study sex differences in emotional communication. This study is the result of a collaboration between Patrick Stewart (University of Arkansas), Marc Méhu (Webster Vienna Private University), and Frank Salter (Social Technologies Pty., Ltd., Australia).

International Top Scientists in Gmunden

The Neuro Information Systems (NeuroIS) science community was initiated 7 years ago and since then once a year the top scientists in Information Systems and Neurobiology (Neuroscience) get together in Gmunden (in Upper Austria) to share their research and discuss future directions. Since last year Prof. Peter Walla is a well established scholar within the NeuroIS community. click here to see a video of this years NeuroIS Retreat (2015).

From an eye blink to emotion

A Psychology contribution to the field of Neuro Information Systems (NeuroIS):

Die Presse - Messen ob eine Persönlichkeit gestört ist

Krankheiten wie Schizophrenie oder Autismus lassen sich bisher nur mit Fragebogen diagnostizieren. Das ist vor allem bei Kindern schwierig. Wiener Forscher der Webster University wollen Persönlichkeitsstörungen künftig mit EEG erkennen.


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