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Der Standard - Onlinegames fürs Seminar - Skepsis bleibt bestehen

Spielerische Lernmethoden können den universitären Unterricht berreichern, sagen Experten der Webster University - die Hochschulen dürften sie zumeist aber noch zögerlich einsetzen. Besondere Skepsis herrscht offenbar gegenüber Onlinegames.

Interview with Prof. Bradley Wiggins

Die Presse - Den nächsten Lernlevel erreichen

Bradley Wiggins, Department Head Media Communications an der Webster Vienna Private University, forscht zum Einsatz von Spielen und Spielelementen im Unterricht an Universitäten.

Brooke Gladstone and Michael Freund

Media Trends 2015

On the 10th-12th of September international communication researchers and media experts from all around the world gather at Webster Vienna to discuss the relationship between power and media. The versatile and tightly packed program focused mainly on government censorship, concentration of ownership as well as advertiser and other external influences over all forms of messages. 

Crimea River – Internet Memes as a Genre of Online Communication (amidst the Russia-Ukraine Conflict) presented by Dr. Bradley Wiggins

The primary focus of the presentation is to explain how internet memes develop as a genre of online communication. Internet memes are remixed, iterated messages which are rapidly spread by members of participatory digital culture for the purpose of continuing a conversation. Applying Anthony Giddens’ structuration theory to the analysis of memetic development reveals that internet memes exist as artifacts of participatory digital culture. As artifacts they possess virtual physicality, social and cultural connections, and purposeful production and consumption.

Game Design and Interactive Cinema presented by Mr. Juraj Bohus, MFA

Game Design and Interactive Cinema presented by Mr. Juraj Bohus, MFA

Rapid advancement in computing transforms traditional visual media storytelling and exercises our perceptual consciousness. The purpose of my research is to examine creative potential and ethical boundaries of emerging augmented and virtual reality, through development and analyses of an interactive storytelling game design. It is anticipated that the results from this exploration will enable visual media storytellers to enhance their creative and intellectual potential in the near future.

Medianet - "MedienTrends 2015": Medien und Macht

Medientrends und Meinungsmacher an der Webster Vienna Private University


Der Standard - Call for Paper für Media Trends Conference

Macht und Medien lautet das Thema der Konferenz "Media Trends 2015" die in ihrer 6. Auflage erstmals an der Webster Vienna stattfinden wird.

Bob Dotson

Bob Dotson, NBC News National Correspondent, visits Webster Vienna

In April we had the honor of welcoming Bob Dotson, NBC News National Correspondent, New York Times Best Selling Author and one of America’s best-known media professionals for a workshop and a guest lecture.

Under the Radar

Under the Radar, 2015

The 5th edition of the international symposium "Under-the Radar" took place in Vienna from March 6th to March 8th 2015. This annual conference is organized by Holger Lang, faculty at the Webster Vienna's Media Communications department. The conference is designed for researchers, artists, students, independent filmmakers, scholars, newcomers and people who enjoy working at the verges of media design, production and study – that could be in animation, experimental film, narrative shorts, documentaries, music-videos and media-art.

Under the Radar

UNDER-the-RADAR 2015

5th edition of the international symposium on media-art, research and communication


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