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Schubert on FM4 - Palmyra

IR faculty Dr. Samuel R. Schubert spoke on Austrian national radio FM4's "Reality Check" about Palmyra, an irreplaceable treasure of human history.

Dr. Schubert alluded to the crucial strategic value of the region surrounding Palmyra. First, controlling the city cuts off the main road to North-Eastern Syria. Second, the airport of the city has been conquered and third, there are accessible gas fields.

Dr. Grischany Presents his New Book on Austrians in the Wehrmacht

On May 11, 2015, Prof. Thomas Grischany of the IR Department of Webster Vienna gave a standing room only presentation in the Atrium of Palais Wenkheim about his new book, “Der Ostmark treue Alpensöhne: Die Integration der Österreicher in die großdeutsche Wehrmacht, 1938-45.” The book is a condensed German language version of Prof. Grischany’s 2007 Dissertation at the University of Chicago, “The Austrians in the German Wehrmacht, 1938-45.”

Michael Klare on Changing Parameters of Energy Security

Webster Vienna, Private University, in cooperation with the Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna and support of the European Community Studies Association

Cordially invites you to the public presentation

Climate, Geography and Technology

The Changing Parameters of Energy Security

By Professor

Michael Klare

Hampshire College

Dr. Brutschin at Kobe Sakura Meeting 2015

Together with Zorzeta Bakaki (ETH Zurich), IR research faculty Dr. Elina Brutschin presented their common research project entitled “The Competition over Resources: A New Approach in the Context of Low-Scale Violence” in Kobe, Japan.

Dieter Helm at Wenkheim on European Energy Union

On April 13, Webster Vienna had the extraordinary pleasure of hosting a lecture by Dr. Dieter Helm, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Oxford and Special Advisor to the European Commissioner for Energy.

Prof. Helm was welcomed by Dr. Arthur Hirsh, Director of Webster Vienna, Private University. The event was organized by the International Relations Department and moderated by Dr. Samuel R. Schubert.

In his presentation, the author of The Carbon Crunch and Natural Capital mainly addressed five questions about the European Energy Union:

FM4: Schubert on Houthi Rebels and Iranian Warships

As the fighting in Yemen continues with Saudi airstrikes and Houthi rebels try to take the port city of Aden, the crisis in the Middle East is deepening. On last Thursday’s FM4 Reality Check, Webster International Relations professor Dr. Schubert talked about Iranian warships in the Gulf of Aden. While the Iranian naval presence does not constitute significant military support for Houthi rebels or much of an escalation, Dr. Schubert pointed out that it nevertheless complicates the situation in a very crowded area of frequent US, Russian or Chinese naval maneuvers.

Fossil Fuels - Curse or Blessing for Innovation?

International Relations guest scholar Dr. Andreas Fleig from Heidelberg University and IR research faculty Dr. Elina Brutschin present their common research project on the relationship between resources and innovation in a public lecture on April 30.

In times of intensified resource conflicts a countries innovation performance becomes increasingly important. Using panel data from 1980 to 2012 on patents in the energy sector the project highlights the distorting effects of resource abundance and fossil fuels on an economies labor force allocation.

FM4: Schubert on ISIS in Tikrit

In his latest interview for FM4 Reality Check, Prof. Schubert talked about the recent attempts by US and Iraqi forces to dislodge ISIS from the city of Tikrit.

Successful IR Workshop With ETH Zürich Scholar

A motivated group of International Relations students has taken part in the workshop “International Conflict and Mediation” offered by Dr. Zorzeta Bakaki from the ETH Zürich, Switzerland on Saturday afternoon, March 21.

Dr. Bakaki presented an overview of the definitions of international conflict and conflict mediation techniques, first. Then, students had to apply the techniques in an interactive simulation.

Webster Delegates off to Model UN New York

A twelve student delegation from Webster Vienna, Private University, traveled to New York today, to take part in the prestigious National Model United Nations Conference.


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