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Inaugural Lecture Series: European-Asian Relations Expert Dr. Franco Algieri

In need of a European pivot to Asia?

November 13, 2014 at 5pm - Room 4.7

Dr. Franco Algieri will discuss the potential and limitations of the EU’s Asia policy in context of an ongoing marginalization of European foreign policy.

SRS on Puls4

IR Faculty's Dr. Samuel R. Schubert on PULS 4 Debate about ISIS

Prof. Samuel R. Schubert joined a heated debate on ISIS broadcasted by the Austrian TV station PULS 4. The program - which could be watched nationwide on October 13 - hosted Ms. Berivan Aslan (Austrian MP with Kurdish background), Mr. Abdurrahim Karayazili (President of the Union of Turkish-European Democrats), Dr. Karin Kneissl (Middle East expert) and Mr. Herbert Scheibner (President of the Austro-Syrian Society).

Review: First Act of Inaugural Lecture Series with Prof. Elina Brutschin

As kick-off to the Inaugural Lecture Series in the new Webster University Vienna residence, Palais Wenkheim, the IR Department’s youngest research faculty professor Dr. Elina Brutschin mastered an attentive and critical audience. She explained why computer simulations are a useful methodological tool in the study of International Relations. Based on an approach by T. Schelling, Dr. Brutschin developed her own way of conducting computer simulations to analyze EU decision-making. The computer simulations with regard to EU decision-making, designed and conducted by Prof.

Puls4 Pro & Contra News-Talk: Islamistenterror - Muss der Westen in den Krieg ziehen?

Dr. Samuel R. Schubert, IR-Professor an der Webster Vienna Private University, ist Experte im Pro & Contra Talk auf Puls4: Terroristen schlachten Menschen ab, und der Westen ist ratlos. Sogar die Türkei, der Nachbar Syrisches schaut zu. Tragen Länder die helfen könnten keine Verantwortung? Die Welt blickt gespannt auf die syrische Grenzstadt Kubane: IS-Terroristen möchten die Kurdenstadt einnehmen. Könnte der Fall von Kubane der Beginn eines Flächenbrandes im Nahen Osten sein?

Inaugural Lecture Series

The Webster Inaugural Lecture Series allow newest research faculty members to academically present their research and findings to a broader public. In Fall 2014, the new International Relations Head of Department, Dr. Franco Algieri and International Relations Department Research Faculty member, Dr. Elina Brutschin, will hold their inaugural lectures. 

Inaugural Lecture Dr. Elina Brutschin

Computer Simulations in International Relations

Dr. Elina Brutschin, latest addition to the Webster International Relations Department Research Faculty, will present a core field of her extensive research activities. She recently presented the findings of using a methodology of computer simulations with regard to EU decision making at the ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) Conference held at the University of Glasgow, September 3-6, 2014. Dr. Brutschin on her inaugural lecture:

Ukraine-Russia-EU energy policy paper authored by IR Research Faculty

A policy paper written by Drs. Brutschin, Pollak and Schubert was published in Standpunkt - Position 26/2014 (Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna - IHS) and as ÖGfE Policy Brief 15/2014 (Austrian Society for European Policies). The paper entitled "The EU and Russian gas: Is Ukraine a game changer?" offers a perspective favoring short to medium term EU-Russian energy cooperation while pursuing policies to create a truly integrated European energy market and diversifying energy suppliers. 

IR Faculty on gas crises and policy in Der Standard

On the heels of Russia's cutoff of gas  to Ukraine, Dr. Samuel R Schubert and Dr. Johannes Pollak contend in an op-ed in Der Standard that now is the time for an European Energy Union.

LMU Summer School

Webster partner in Munich International Summer University

Seventeen students from the National University of Singapore had a taste of the Webster Vienna experience this June by attending courses at Webster and staying in the Webster Residence Am Augarten. They came as part of a Summer Academy on European studies organized by the Munich International Summer University (MISU) at Ludwig‐Maximilians‐Universität Munich (LMU). The  International Relations Department at Webster Vienna Private University is a partner in the academy for the first time, and the cooperation with LMU was initiated by Webster International Relations professor, Dr.

Dr. Schubert examines China's Maritime Policy at MPSA

Over 5000 participants attended the 2014 Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) Conference from 3 to 6 of April in Chicago. Numerous topics were covered, including many that are interdisciplinary and draw scholars from different fields, thus providing a variety of perspectives.


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