International Relations

Participate in a CFR Conference Call

Opportunity for Webster students to interact with leading scholars and policy leaders.

Webster University Vienna provides students access to CFR's Academic Conference Call series. This gives students the valuable opportunity to interact with a CFR fellow, Foreign Affairs author, or another expert in an hour long teleconferenced discussion. Calls take place every other week during each semester and are dedicated to different topics related to international affairs and U.S. foreign policy.

Elina Brutschin and Franco Algieri

Franco Algieri and Elina Brutschin join IR research faculty

We are pleased to announce that two new faculty members will be joining the International Relations Department.

IR Department introduces IR Insider Newsletter

Are you an International Relations graduate, or interested in IR news, jobs and events? Then sign up for the new Webster Vienna International Relations monthly newsletter, the IR Insider.

Faculty member Dr. Pollak invited to join Directorate of IEP

Dr. Johannes Pollak, a permanent faculty member of the International Relations Department, is now a member of the Academic Directorate of the German Institute for European Politics  (  The membership is by invitation only and based on academic credentials. With currently only forty individual members, the invitation is testament to Dr. Pollak's excellent scholarly track record.


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