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IR Faculty's Dr. Schubert talking ISIS on FM4

Webster IR faculty Samuel R. Schubert was invited to talk at Austrian national radio station FM4´s “Reality Check”. The interview about cultural heritage destructions by ISIS was broadcasted nationwide on February 27, 2015.

Salzburger Nachrichten - Rohrpost aus Russland

Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin sitzt am Gashahn und droht, ebendiesen der Ukraine zuzuderehen. Sitzt er dabei am längeren Ast oder sägt er am eigenen?

Ein Interview mit Dr. Samuel R. Schubert vom International Relations Department der Webster Vienna.

Der Standard - Zuckerbrot statt Peitsche im Ukraine-Konflikt

Politikwissenschafter der Webster University empfehlen der Europäischen Union, mit Russland wieder mehr zu kooperieren.

Dr. Brutschin at Asian PolMet in Taipei

On January 9-10 Webster Vienna's International Relations faculty Dr. Brutschin participated in this year’s Asian Political Methodology Conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

Profs. Schubert, Pollak and Brutschin publish on Russia-EU-Ukraine in EJFR

The International Relations Department is happy to announce the publication of Dr. Schubert, Dr. Pollak and Dr. Brutschin’s most recent research. Their article Two futures: EU-Russia relations in the context of Ukraine offers an answer to a highly important question the EU is currently facing: “Should it strengthen its economic and energy ties despite Russia’s growing assertiveness in the hope to solidify its medium term energy security and reel in Russian foreign policy?

"IR Must(-)Read” – Discussing Kissinger’s “World Order”

On November 28th a group of engaged students under the guidance of Prof. Elina Brutschin and IR Department Coordinator Joachim Honeck met at Café Prückel to discuss former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s latest Book “World Order” in the atmosphere of a typical Viennese “Kaffeehaus”.

The book portrays the political order in the past 2000 years of history and offers some forecasts for the developments in the future 50 years. A lively debate emerged about Kissinger as a politician, his legacy and his expectations about future developments.

Guest Lecturer Prof. Daina Chiba on Bargaining and Game Theory


“Introduction to Bargaining under the Threat of War” – Workshop by Prof. Daina Chiba

On November 29th the IR Department had the pleasure to host a workshop by Prof. Daina Chiba from Essex University, an established scholar who has published in top journals such as the American Journal of Political Science and the Journal of Conflict Resolution. The event was organized particularly for students in the Global MA in International Relations program. 


Inaugural Lecture: Dr. Algieri on Europe's unsatisfactory Asia-policies

European-Asian relations expert Dr. Franco Algieri presented his critical view on the current state of European Asia-policies. Comparing the European to the United States' approach to the Asia-Pacific region in general, and China in particular, Dr. Algieri pointed out three factors making European policies less effective: first, there are analytical challenges: who is acting, the EU or its member states? Are security policies part of the deal? Europe acts as liberal-institutionalist without playing realism, whereas Asian countries play both.


Inaugural Lecture Series: European-Asian Relations Expert Dr. Franco Algieri

In need of a European pivot to Asia?

November 13, 2014 at 5pm - Room 4.7

Dr. Franco Algieri will discuss the potential and limitations of the EU’s Asia policy in context of an ongoing marginalization of European foreign policy.

SRS on Puls4

IR Faculty's Dr. Samuel R. Schubert on PULS 4 Debate about ISIS

Prof. Samuel R. Schubert joined a heated debate on ISIS broadcasted by the Austrian TV station PULS 4. The program - which could be watched nationwide on October 13 - hosted Ms. Berivan Aslan (Austrian MP with Kurdish background), Mr. Abdurrahim Karayazili (President of the Union of Turkish-European Democrats), Dr. Karin Kneissl (Middle East expert) and Mr. Herbert Scheibner (President of the Austro-Syrian Society).


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