COVID-19 and Webster Vienna

Dear Webster Community,

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to halt our daily activity and our lives, it has affected the Webster Vienna campus on a personal level.

One of our students was recently admitted to the Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Süd-Kaiser-Franz-Josef Hospital after feeling symptoms relating to COVID-19. The student has since tested positive for the virus and is currently in recovery. After two weeks of feeling symptoms of the virus, the student initially tested negative on March 20.  They then had a fever persisting through April 1 and were confirmed to have tested positive for the virus on April 3. 

The student was last on Webster Vienna’s campus on March 5 for a period of two hours, before leaving for Spring Break. The campus has been closed off to students since March 12.

While the student is in recovery, they are expected to be released by the end of this week. We wish all the best for a speedy recovery.

In addition to informing you of the student’s status, we remind you to stay diligent about your own health and take care in this very critical time.

We will continue to provide updates to our Webster Vienna community and encourage you to stay in touch with us.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.



Webster University classes at almost all locations have moved to an online environment for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester in response to global COVID-19 public health efforts, in accordance with local conditions and public directives. This means, that also all Vienna classes will only be taught online for the remainder of Spring II.

Campus closure will continue until we receive further notice from the Austrian ministry and authorities.

This page will be updated regularly.


Important communications

  • Student update about summer classes, registration, and student services - As of April 3rd, 2020
  • Student update about campus closure, Spring II classes, and online student services - As of March 20th, 2020
  • Message about COVID-19, Spring II classes, student services, and university operations - As of March 10th, 2020

Important links

  • Webster’s Worldwide Update on Covid-19 
  • For all official information in English please visit this link

For faculty and staff

For all information and instructions, please click here, and use your username and password to access the information.


COVID-19 Disruption related FAQ for Student 




Can I access the campus, particularly the library and labs?

No. The university campus or any of its labs is closed to students until Monday, April 6. 

Update: Webster Vienna Private University will remain closed throughout the Spring semester. All courses will continue online. There will be no classes on campus.


Will my class continue to run even though I cannot access the campus?

Yes, all courses will continue via Canvas/World Classroom, our university’s online learning platform.


Do classes continue according to the same schedule?

Yes and No. Classes continue according to the scheduled meeting times when professors provide direct video feeds for their lectures. In some cases, however, professors may choose to upload video or instruction online allowing students to watch or listen according to their own schedule. Please check with your professor for details.


What is the World Classroom (Canvas)?

All classes that meet face-to-face have a course home page in World Classroom (aka Canvas). WVPU uses World Classroom as online platform to enhance learning in traditional classes.  Some of the features your instructor may choose to include are email messaging, discussion boards, grades, uploaded reference materials and slides, quizzes, and online syllabi, etc.

You can log in directly at or You can access your courses via the student tab in connections at

For additional information on how to use World Classroom please visit the following useful links:

  • World Classroom: Online Course Tour (Note: Not all features may be used for your classes)
  • World Classroom FAQS:  Find the answers to your specific World Classroom questions through the FAQ site. The site is searchable by keyword, and contains step-by-step instructions on how to perform many common functions in World Classroom.

How do I access my class online?

Login to using your / Connections user ID (first part of your email address) and password. For example, user id: ‘bobsmith45’ and password: ‘password’.


What is my Connections ID?

It is an ID that is assigned to every Webster student, staff, or faculty. It provides access to most of our electronic systems, including e-mail, Office 365, Adobe Cloud and the Connections web portal. Example: If your Webster email address is, your Connections ID would be johndoe123.

For more information, please see: Connections FAQs
To access connections: 


How do I reset my Connections password?

Connections passwords are managed by Office 365. Your Connections password will always be the same as your Office 365 password. To reset your Connections password, go to the Office 365 password reset page here.


What do I do if the online access doesn’t work/ if my courses don’t appear in the World Classroom (Canvas)?

Communicate with your instructor and department coordinator by email.

Is there an App I can use on my mobile device?

Yes. Apps are available for iOS and Android at their respective stores, called Canvas Student. User Guides are available at There is also an App for WebEx if you feel you need it also available at the respective stores.


Can I initiate WebEx meetings?

No. One requires a special user id and password to creates WebEx sessions and invite others.



How do I join a WebEx meeting / How do I participate in a live lecture via the online platform?

When instructors decide to offer live lectures online, you will receive invitations by email and see links inside your course’s World Classroom page. The email will contain a link to the video stream / conference.


What I do if I have no wifi or audio/video technology on my computer?

You have two options. You can dial-in directly via a toll-free number in your country or you can join through the WebEx app on your phone. For dial-in in Austria, the toll-free number is 0800-29-7266. You will need the Access Code for the meeting, which will be included in the meeting invitation.

What is a WebEx Access Code?

It is a code that enables access to a specific meeting / lecture.


What are the access telephone numbers for joining WebEx meetings/lectures by phone?

In Austria, the toll-free number is 0800-29-7266. For help finding the other toll-free numbers, please see:


How do I register for courses in Spring II?

Send a list of the courses for which you wish to register to your advisor. Once your advisor agrees, he/she will forward it for processing. You will need to be registered in order to access the Canvas/World Classroom for the class.


How do I drop a course in the first week of Spring 2?

Send a list of the courses you wish to drop to your departmental coordinator who will forward it for processing.


How do I get reading materials for my class?

Your instructor will post all reading materials in World Class Room or provide you links to download them. Physical copies of textbooks will not be available until at least Monday, April 6.

How can I get my books for my Webster summer classes?

You should plan to order your books from your preferred suppliers.

To find out which book(s) you need to order, check the syllabi for your classes here.

Ben from the library recommends that students in Vienna order from Facultas (, but if you are in your home country you may order from any vendor you prefer including Amazon. The university will reimburse you for all approved book purchases.

To request reimbursement for your textbooks, please :

  1. Fill out the form;
  2. Send the form to your advisor for approval;
  3. Send the approval email from your advisor, the form, and the invoice/proof of payment for the book to after the end of the first week of the summer term (after add/drop period is over). You will be refunded in full via bank transfer within seven working days upon submission of your request for reimbursement.


I am a study abroad student. Who do I contact for information related to study abroad activities?

Related questions can be addressed to our Student Resource Center by email at


What happens if I have a scheduled thesis defense during the closure period?

All thesis defenses will be conducted via video conference. Your departmental coordinators will arrange and communicate the necessary details.

What if the closure of the campus prevents me from completing lab work necessary for my thesis?

Theses delayed due to the building’s closure, e.g. no access to labs, canceled interviews or appointments, will receive incompletes for grades, and students will be given appropriate extensions.


Is the Commencement Ceremony canceled?

Given recent developments with regard to COVID-19 and the fluid, unpredictable nature of the pandemic, we have to cancel this year’s commencement ceremony on May 9 as well as the Alumni Cocktail Reception on May 7. Your health and well-being remain our highest priorities.


What if I have a training scholarship?

You will not lose your stipend and will not have to make up any lost hours due to this COVID-19 related disruption.


What do I do if my travel is disrupted or I am in quarantine and I am unable to join classes beginning the week of Monday, April 6? 

Please inform your instructor.  You can continue to participate in the class via the online components.


What if I cannot attend courses in person this Fall, due to restrictions by the local or national government in my country/or in Austria?

Newly-admitted students who are not able to travel to Austria due to government restrictions or delays with entry visas / student residence permits will still be able to start their programs on time through distance learning platforms and electronic communication with their professors.  If you have specific concerns or questions related to this subject, please email us at


How can I request my official documents (Certificate of Enrolment, “Studienblatt” & Proof of Performance)?

As long as Webster Vienna’s campus is closed, you can submit your request for official documents via email to the Registration Officer, Ms. Petra Bocus-Thurn ( and she will send you an electronic copy. Please make sure to use your email address and to include your student ID number.

Please note that WVPU does not issue official transcripts. To order your official transcript please go to




Can I still submit my application for my student residence permit while the Austrian government restrictions are in place?

Yes. Residence permit applications must be submitted in writing before your current residence permit expires. You can submit your application and all documents you have available to Once the restrictions are lifted, you have to go to the municipal authority of MA35 office for the district in which you live (link here) and complete your application in person. 

First time applications for student residence permits should also be submitted in writing to Please review our website for further information on the documents required (link here).





I'm outside of Austria, and I applied for my residence permit in writing. Will I be allowed to enter Austria once the restrictions are lifted?

Yes. MA35 is maintaining a list of all student residence permit applications submitted in writing during this period and will forward this list to the Federal Ministry for Internal Affairs. Your name will appear on a list so that you can enter the country to complete your residence permit application.


I need a Certificate of Enrollment for my application to extend my student residence permit. What do I do?

As long as Webster Vienna’s campus is closed, you can submit your request for official documents via email to the Registration Officer, Ms. Petra Bocus-Thurn ( and she will send you an electronic copy. Please make sure to use your email address and to include your student ID number.



I think that I may have the COVID-19 Virus. What should I do?

The health hotline ("Gesundheitstelefon") is staffed around the clock, seven days a week. Call the health hotline 1450 (in German only) in the following cases:

  • You present symptoms of a cold or pneumonia, and
  • you have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for coronavirus, or
  • you have visited a region where SARS-CoV-2 was and still is transmitted: China, Italy (regions: Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto), South Korea, Iran, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore (as of 26 February 2020), or
  • you have worked in a healthcare facility where patients with COVID-19 infection were or are treated, or you have visited such a healthcare facility.

If, following the call, you are suspected of having COVID-19, please inform university management at


If I have general questions in English about COVID-19, who should I ask?

The Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) offers a hotline to provide information on the virus, which can be reached at 0800 555 621.