Class List / Taking Attendance

During the first class session, you must distribute the syllabus. You are asked to discuss the syllabus (assignments, requirements, grading, etc.) with your class. You should also post your syllabus on your Canvas powered WorldClassRoom page. Faculty members are advised to remind students of both the course and university policies and their intent to enforce them. Specific attention should be given to the academic policies along with the penalties for transgression of the Honor Code stated above in the Before the Term section.  

Attendance Sheets / Roster Checks:

Attendance must be recorded on the Attendance Sheet for the class. Our intent is to identify students who are in class but not registered, students who are attending the wrong sections, and students who are registered but absent for that session.

To access and maintain an accurate class list:

  1. Log into the class computer
  2. Go to “My Computer”
  3. Click on “Webster Files”
  4. Click on “Faculty_ Classlist”
  5. Scroll for your name and click on the file
  6. Select the actual class code and open the document
  7. Take attendance as shown on the sample list following the instructions
  8. Save the document and close it
  9. Repeat the above steps at every class session.

Important: To avoid any confusion, the week 1 list will be replaced at the end of week 2 replaced by the FINAL Class list. The week 3 final class lists will be left on your folder and you may continue using them. Otherwise, you can stop using the online version once the week 3 attendance (based on the FINAL list) has been taken.

If you would like us to print out the list before your next class session, please notify us by typing “Yes” at the top of your class list. Note, however, that you still need to take the online attendance of the class.

Reminder: Please take the attendance online before the end of the class.We are dependent on your taking attendance in order to sort out different issues. A hard copy of the list will not replace the online version.