Center for Liberal Arts: Faculty

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Ryan Crawford Assis. Prof. of Political Philosophy
Head of CLA
Julia Ruck, PhD Assis. Prof. of Second Language Studies
Language Center Coordinator

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Michael Zinganel Contemporary History mzinganel89[at]


Mag. Dr Dieter Reinisch MRes



Aner Barzilay, PhD History anerbarzilay[at]


Dipl. Soz. Izabela Korbiel


izabelakorbiel98[at], Matej Santi, PhD

Music History


Christof Muigg, MA


Early Modern History



Dr. Viktoria Pötzl

Sociology viktoriapoetzl47[at]

Jean-Pascal Vachon M.A.

Music History jvachon78[at]


Dr. Barbara Rothmüller

Sociology  brothmueller71[at]webster,edu

Alexi Kukuljevic, PhD




Jana Reißmann, MA

German Language janareissmann85[at]
Dr. Maxime Brami Archaeology and Anthropology

Mag. Lisa Stuckey

Current Art lisastuckey[at]
Dr. Sandra Lehmann Philosophy sandralehmann23[at]
Dr. Edward Saunders Comparative Literature edwardsaunders40[at]
Dipl. Ing. Marlene Rutzendorfer Art History mrutzendorfer50[at]webster,edu
Mag. Paul Fagan British and Irish Literature paulfagan08[at]
Mag. Khaled Hakami Anthropology khaledhakami53[at]
Seth Weiner, BFA M.Arch Art sethweiner14[at]
Fabian Faltin, MA Creative Writing fabianfaltin54[at]
Dr. Judith Albrecht Social Anthropology judithalbrecht72[at]
Claudia Slanar, Mag.a. MA, MFA Contemporary Art and Film claudiaslanar53[at]
Clara Holzinger, MA Lic. German Language claraholzinger87[at]webster,edu
Mag. Vanessa Winkler German Language vanessawinkler79[at]webster,edu
Rafal Morusiewicz, MA Sociology, Film and the Arts rafal.morusiewicz[at]
Dr. Kerstin Kowarik Archaeology and Anthropology kerstinkowarik61[at]webster,edu
Dr. Elena Jirovsky Medical Anthropology elenajirovsky98[at]
Dr. Andrea Prutsch Climate Change Science andreaprutsch81[at]
Dr. Zorica Siročić Women and the Law zsirocic84[at]
Bettina Ludwig, BA MA Cultural Anthropology bettinaludwig[at]

Mag. iur. Mag. phil. Maria Sagmeister

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies mariasagmeister[at]

Mag. Katarzyna Gruszka, Ph.D.

Global Climate Change  katarzynagruszka[at]

Dr. Melanie Sindelar BA MSc.

Social-Cultural Anthropology msindelar[at] 

Dr. Sabine Bauer-Amin, MA

Social and Cultural Anthropology sbaueramin[at]
Kate Walker, BA MA MA  Music katewalker85[at]